Thursday, September 09, 2004

Just a few links and pithy comments...

... today, gang, though I may reformat and post my unpublished spam article later.

"I have a veritable plethora of things to write about but there is an agitated line of angry South Americans lining up behind me, waiting to use this terminal. For the record, the women here are beautiful and the bathing suits are, um, shall we say - creative."

Link and pithy comment #1 -- Iggy at the Guinness and Poker site posts a short commentary on his ongoing Aruba poker trip in the face of Hurricane Ivan (and if I hear one more referral to "Ivan the Terrible", Constant Reader will fwow up). It's politically incorrect, reminiscent of Hunter Thompson, and as funny as hell.

5,000 points, as Drew Carey would say, to Iggy for using the word "plethora" in his post, too.

Link and pithy comment #2 -- I'm not sure how Shelly Powers feels about my being a fan of hers, or what she makes of fhb at times, but here I am, warts and all. A nice post, Mixed up World with some (as usual) beautiful photography from Shelly. Lonely old (rich) guys of the world! You're not going to see offers like this every day.

Link and pithy comment #3 -- I received an email from Timothy Archibald, complimenting me on my comments on his site, "The Sex Machines" wherein he noted that he's looking for a publisher, and that one prospect -- with apparently the emotional depth of an avocado -- had wanted the material to be "harder, more erotic."

I wrote back noting, "Every time I hear a story such as yours about your non-publisher (make it "harder"), I think of the line from the movie 'Amadeus', 'Your work is ingenious. It's quality work. And there are simply too many notes, that's all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect.'"

While the subject matter might not be for everyone, Archibald's "project", as he calls it, is thought-provoking, different, and, as I said in my review, strangely touching -- like a shoebox hidden in a closet full of photographs taken by parents in the `60s: "Here's our dog, Muffo. Here's Dad's new Chevy. Here's our sex machine."

It's astounding that he hasn't found a publisher for it, or, that the only prospect he apparently has found to date seems to think it's only appropriate for the hard-core pornography market. Actually, I should know by now, it's not astounding at all.

Lonely old (rich) guys of the world with a taste for the bizarre, as the line from Zappa's "Mud Shark" has it! You're not going to see a prospect like this every day. Become an entrepreneur and publisher.

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Ignatious said...

lol thanks. being compared to HST is always an unintentional honor. :)