Tuesday, January 18, 2005

More pieces of Dutch Boyd for sale

I think it'd be fairly easy to write an article with the general theme of, "the pissy world of professional poker", as the current scene is primarily composed of very intelligent, but generally very unsocialized, very young men who spend as much time sniping at each other as they do playing. Kind of makes you long for the days of the Texas road crews, where arguments were settled with double-ought.

Dutch Boyd's ebay auction of himself was removed by the eBay gods. According to Boyd:

"...Grrrr... so after a few days of getting bids, I got an email from eBay on Friday saying they were taking the auction down because (1) I had a link to the site and (2) I had some search terms in the title that didn't relate to the auction (WPT?). I think it's for the best... got an email from a guy who said that the Copenhagen tournament was already sold out, so I'd probably have been in a bad spot if the listing DID sell."

Uh, yes. Bad spot, Dutch. Boyd is now auctioning 1 percent stakes in any winnings he earns in the San Diego WSOP Circuit main event on February 27th. An ex-colleague, Brett Jungblut, who terms himself "2004 WSOP Omaha Hi/low World Champion, and FORMER member of THE CREW" and who doesn't appear to want to head the Dutch Boyd fan club, has posted a pseudo-auction on eBay with the description:
"As a profesional poker player and former friend and colleague of Dutch Boyd, I felt obligated to tell you that I cut off all business and personal relationships with Dutch because I felt VERY uncomfortable trusting him on any level. Since he is using my picture in his auction, I wanted to make clear that I do not support him in anyway. Winning bidder of this auction will win 1/2 hour of phone time with me, to be used for poker/life related questions. [sic]"
I'm compiling a list of suitable life-related questions for Brett, so far including:

  1. Do you need to spel gud to be a successful pro?
  2. Where can you find a good nickel cigar?
  3. When is the right time to use THE HAMMER?
  4. Can I get Shana Hiatt's phone number?

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