Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pandora box, she gone away

I've retired the animated Pandora gif for the moment, as I was getting tired of having it flashing over to the right each time I called up fhb. I wouldn't even bother to mention it except I don't want anyone getting the impression I've soured on Pandora. I still like it a lot. It's my primary thing to listen to while I'm working on the computer, and I still recommend it highly.

I don't have the ad-supported version, but Peggy does at work, and she notes that at this point in time the ad simply consists of an iTunes graphic and link. I still think they'll be going over to an audio ad model, but who knows, I may be wrong. I'm wrong about lots of things.

And I still think Pandora will be bought by either Apple or Google soon, probably Google, as they continue on their path to become the Microsoft of the millenium years. Or maybe not. While knocking around the blogosphere, I found working instructions on how to extract every piece of music you listen to out of Pandora into MP3 files, which is kind of giant killer for the technology. And no, I'm not going to tell you how to do it, or link to those instructions. If you're cheap enough and evil enough you've probably found it on your own anyway.

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