Monday, January 16, 2006

More Batgirls than you can shake a stick at

Now here's a meme gone totally out-of-control. A post by artist Andi Watson included some character designs for a DC Elseworlds Batgirl book that never made it to light of day. That inspired dozens hundreds of others to try their hand at portraying the ever-lovely Ms. Gordon too.

To your other right, one of my faves, "Batgrrl," posted at the "Did You Just call Me a Prick?" blog by a "Justin."

If you need a productivity buster for today, follow the first link above and click away at the ever-multiplying list of Batgirls. For a short list, you can hit Chris Arrant's site, which includes links to some of my favorites, including this one from Bryan Lee O'Malley, or this one from Dean Trippe, which is now gracing my laptop as background image.

But I do wish somebody would bundle these all together for easier viewing, like maybe a Flickr stream.

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