Friday, November 03, 2006

Email exchange with Jeb Bradley offices

Addresses and names removed. Bradley is the incumbent Republican Congressman, in a close race with Democratic candidate Carol Shea Porter, whose offices have yet to respond to the same question...

I don't know if the Congressman's email spokesperson is working from a prepared script or developed the response (I assume with Bradley's approval), but in either case, he's factually wrong. The bill's "
primary intent [is] to prevent the use of credit cards for illegal Internet gambling," is not true.

Credit card use - at least either of the Big Two - on online poker sites is already next to impossible. What the bill does - or will do - is choke off any legal way to conduct financial transfers between U.S. citizens and online gambling sites, essentially killing the current alternative to using a credit card. And I have no idea what his differentiation is between "legal" and "illegal" online gambling - they're cool with me using a Sports Book but not playing poker?

Fred Bals <>

To: <>
Dear Mr Bradley,

I am a resident of Merrimack, NH, and I will be voting in your election.

Your stance on the following question will affect my vote and my endorsement to other voters: Would you support a bill that creates an online poker exemption from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006?

regards - Fred Bals

Reply-To: p<>
To: Fred Bals
Mr. Bals:
Congressman Bradley supported HR 4411, the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act. The primary intent of this bill is to prevent the use of credit cards for illegal Internet gambling. It is important to understand that this legislation does not change current law, nor does it make legal online gambling illegal. In response to your question, an exemption for legal online poker is something Congressman Bradley would take into consideration should further clarification of the Internet Gambling Act be required.
Thank you,
Jeb Bradley for Congress

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