Saturday, March 10, 2007

Get a Uclue

While Constant Readers know that I was no fan of the now defunct Google Answers (contract researchers - of which I was one for a time - would attempt to answer customer questions for payment), I was a fan of many of the researchers. In fact, I was a fan of nearly everything at GA except the brain-damaged administration of the site... but no need to get into that rant again.

Now, many of the GA researchers are back at a new site called, an attempt to do GA right. With the absence of the contradictory combination of Google interference and benign neglect, I suspect that uclue may have a shot. The early signs look good. For example, GA refused to allow researchers to provide answers in other than English (I suspect because the overseers only had one language), even though a high percentage of GA customers were from other than English-speaking countries. uclue can field questions in three languages, English, German and Spanish, and may add more down the road.

At last count, 29 of the former GARs have signed up as researchers on uclue, including many of the most well-known in the GA community, such as pinkfreud. In theory, I'd be eligible to join up as a researcher, too, but have no plans to at this point, with way too many other paying gigs on my plate. But best of luck to all my old colleagues!


Guillermo said...

Nice article, Fred! A huge thanks.

Uclue researcher

Crabcakes said...

Wonderful! Thanks for letting the world know!

Uclue Researcher

Brudenell said...

The more blogs chatting up Uclue the better! Thank you for spreading Uclue news.

Uclue Customer

pinkfreud said...

Howdy, Fred! Thanks for the nice mention.