Monday, May 14, 2007

36 Years Ago - Chadwick School

While doing some spring cleaning, Peggy came across my old yearbook from Chadwick School. We had thought it lost or destroyed in one of our periodic basement floods. Instead, it had been safely packed away in a box that had remained unopened since our move from the condo to this house, what 11, 12 years ago now?

Pictured to your left is the group photo of the staff of Chadwick School's 1971 yearbook, The Dolphin, all looking very young. As I remember, the semi-pro photographer, who later quit midway through the job, was very big on "natural" poses. Thus, this and many other group photographs where some people are posing and other people look as if they've wandered into the shot by accident. Our Yearbook Adviser was not pleased and after several clashes with the photog - himself a recent Chadwick grad, the remaining work was farmed out to two Chadwick students; a junior and sophomore as I remember who did, in fact, a much better job.

I may eventually post my individual class picture, although Peggy says I look geeky... And indeed I do. I don't remember anymore, but from the photo it looks like I was at the start of growing what would turn into the Fu Manchu 'stache I wore until going into the Army and had recently had an amateur haircut from one of the girls I was dating, probably at the demand of either the school or my Dad. Two of those girls are in the picture. But I won't tell you which two.

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