Friday, August 17, 2007

More on the New Dylan Music Video

as mentioned in our earlier post. We now know...

  1. It's a music video for Mick Ronson's remix version of Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine).
  2. It was shot at Brooklyn's Art and Historical Center.
  3. The Brooklyn segment was filmed sans Ronson, who will be added later.
  4. Wyclef Jean makes a cameo appearance, and Amy Winehouse's backing band - The Dap Kings - are also featured.
  5. And they definitely did get "people who embody the style of the 1960s, 70s or 80s (i.e. hippies, disco dancers, punks)" plus Dylan like-a-looks.
I don't think much of the Ronson remix, compared to, say, the wonderful Italian rap remix of Like a Rolling Stone performed by Articolo 31, but from the stills it looks like the video could be kind of cool.

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