Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quote of the Day

"If you're driving around with a pig, everyone knows what you're doing."

Possibly not. In this case, we're talking about truffles. Smithsonian magazine interviews primo truffle hunter, Charles Lefevre who owns New World Truffieres, a business that well sell you hazelnut and oak seedlings inoculated with truffle spores. A good climate (which unfortunately is not New Hamster's), patience, luck, and a good pig or hunting dog, and you too can farm a product that can run from $100-1,500 per lb (at least when in the wild).

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Patti Polisar said...

This reader thinks you are the most clever. What's more, you are the saving grace of a certain corp. that shall remain nameless.
What are we driving around with a pig for indeed?

Brenda *