Wednesday, January 09, 2008

David Lynch on Watching Films on Effing Telephones

I love my new iTouch above all things, and have even occasionally watched some short videos on it, but Lynch is right. Just as the experience from theatre to living room TV, watching a movie on the small screen of a phone or video player diminishes the experience.

Bob Dylan makes a similar argument about how bad music sounds today compared against older recordings, another diminished experience for the audience. You wonder how far it will go. Will their be a lash back sometime in the future where a jaded audience demands quality over technology? Or will anybody care?

via Iggy, whose blog I yes still read through its RSS Feed - which come to think of it could be argued as a diminished experience itself. Is reading blog snippets through a Reader a lesser experience than actually going to the blog and reading the full post?

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Kym said...

Can't disagree with Lynch's condemnation... buuut... being able to watch Spidey-III on my iPhone in flight to Vegas was way cool. Doubt that I'd stick anything more than a pop-corn romp on my 'phone. Something like Schindler's List or Lawrence of Arabia - well, that would be insulting and an embarrassment!