Sunday, June 01, 2008

Where the Bals Go, the Hoi Polloi Soon Follow

Roberta say we're "so leading edge she can't stand it" as she forwarded this article.

A few weeks after our Hawk Walk, the New York Times published an article on the British School of Falconry in their Executive Pursuits section (which made me laugh out loud, as I'm about as far away from pursuing pursuits that your average executive would pursue as is possible).

Fwiw, I think my article is better, if for no other reason than I avoided quoting Yeats, which the Times writer actually does twice.

I WADED into the pitiless mid-May sun with a falconer and one of her favorite birds of prey. The grassy meadow in front of the British School of Falconry at the Equinox resort in Manchester Village, Vt., bloomed with yellow dandelions.

My instructor, Dawn Kelly, carried a brown-feathered Harris hawk named Elmer on her leather-gloved left fist. I recalled the opening lines of “The Second Coming” by Yeats.
The article features Dawn Kelly and the hawk, "Elmer," both of whom we met. Dawn was inordinately proud of another hawk, the unfortunately but appropriately named "Miss Piggy," who had succeeded in killing a turkey about five times her size earlier in the year

Full article here.

"Peggy, I say, oh, Peggy. We're going to have somewhere else to Summer.
Manchester will be simply overrun with tourists

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