Monday, July 26, 2004

Fred's been a busy boy. On Friday I:

  1. Updated and uploaded the old Web site.

  2. Bit the bullet and became master of my domain. I'm now the proud owner of* thanks to GoDaddy.

  3. Revamped the old "cellar door" blog into the NEW, IMPROVED fhb blog.

*My other choices included "", already in use by a German "manufacturer of an extensive range of high quality industrial plugs and sockets...", "serious moonlight", homesteaded but not in use, and (half-seriously),, which WHOIS says is owned by a domain broker, and, for reasons unknown is currently linked to a cheesy portal called Seeq.

Places to Go, Things to See Dept:

I like the retro interface of "Terminal Island" a lot. (Hint: Type "posts" at the $ prompt and hit return). Shades of VAX/VMS.

Found a good set of Poker strategy articles last week, as well as a link to pictures of the astounding Ms. Shana Hiatt, erstwhile hostess cookie of the World Poker Tour. I know, I know, my sexism is showing. She's still a babes. Speaking of which, btw, the Shana pictures are courtesy Shirley Rosario at pokerbabes.

Not a bad re-start, he sez immodestly. Think I'll stop while I'm ahead and save more for tomorrow.

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