Friday, July 30, 2004

Here's something collected from the old "cellar door"...

"...But I've learned I'm not a blogger, at least not the typical Weblogger (if there is such an animal) whose journal usually consists of link, pithy comment, link, pithy comment, ad infinitum.

Shelley Powers wonderfully expressed many of my concerns about cellar door in her reasons for discontinuing her blog, "BurningBird." As she says in her
farewell note, it's "seductively easy" to write a Weblog. Too easy. Too facile. Too impermanent. Writing lite.

As good a writer as she is, Shelley also proves one of her points by misusing "compliment" in her fourth paragraph. The word she wanted was "complement." I'm probably not the first person to catch this, and it's likely that someone has even emailed her about it, but the rules of the game
- apparently - are that you don't edit after posting, even grammatical errors.

As far as community goes, I've done my best to avoid online communities, with some exceptions. The Google Answer Researcher forum is a perfect example of why, usually dominated by people who seem spoiling for a fight with anyone about anything..."

Update: Shelly's farewell didn't last for

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