Friday, October 21, 2005

99.98% similar to the real item

The photo was screened in nature condition. 99.98% similar to the real item, and you can justice this item factually. please enjoy this item from every aspect and angel, and enjoy its pretty, favor it, love it . ATTENTION: a vrey very splendid item. let's cherish the charming sonny together.

Ah... yes. Although I'm not quite sure what I'd do with it if I won it, this Art Deco Dragon phone currently on eBay inspired a moment of "I want!" lust. But the best part is the description, charmingly written by a non-English seller. (WARNING: The seller also loaded the description with tons of flashing graphics and music. Takes a long time to load, and may break Firefox).

via BoingBoing

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Anonymous said...

No, Fred, NO! And is the seller Japanese? Sounds like it! :-)!