Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dylan 101

My friend Maudie once asked what Dylan compilation I'd recommend, which, as could be anticipated, sent me off on a digressive rant about the Royal Albert Hall concert. I later calmed down enough to give - and send - Maudie some essential Dylan recommendations.

Chris Nashawaty and Chris Willman in Entertainment Weekly wrote up a comprehensive guide to Dylan, recommendations for those new to Dylan as well as for the Compleat Fan, much better than mine. The article is replicated here. You'll need to scroll down from the McCartney article to find it.

I don't agree with their tossing "Masked and Anonymous" in the "For Absolutely No One" category. I think "M&A" is a funny, thoughtful take on America and what it's evolving into, even if it may only be tolerable to the total Dylan fanatic. But debate is what these sort of lists are for, of course.


Anonymous said...

But then, to the true fanatic, a Dylan fart tape would be worth listening to, right?

At least he never did a "Two Virgins" album cover--although it did satisfy alot of curious minds the world over. :-)!!!

Maudie said...

Dylan + iPod = groovy 8^)