Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Piece of the Cat

You can call me The Combine. Or The Big Man. Or maybe, The Brain. Yeah, that's the ticket, The Brain.

My descent into utter gambling degeneracy continues unabated. Yesterday, I took Troublecat up on his open offer to bloggers to buy into a piece of his action at the upcoming WSOP Main Event.

I figure what's good enough for a dwarf is good enough for Rico.

As TC says, it's a 2500:1 shot, but Uno: the idea of being in the Big Show, even by proxy is an attractive one; Dos: The Cat is a compulsive blogger, so it'll be fun to read a ground zero report as it's happening; and Tres: Hey, he beat me, right? And TroubleCat has been known to win other tourneys too.

It's nice to have enough in the stake to gamble every now and then.

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