Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rocket Goes Boom

There's nothing like these here internets for watching a good ol' cat fight.

Andrew Baron, the self-proclaimed "evil genius" behind Rocketboom claims on a very stark Home Page that frontwoman Amanda Congdon has quit.

Amanda sees it another way.

And the speculation runs rampant.* Is it because of Mario? Will telegenic Amber MacArthur, current host of TechTV, become the new Amanda?

Amanda is currently living with her parents. You can see her farewell not-Rocketboom video here. Stay tuned.

*btw, blogger Stowe Boyd, who himself sounds like a soap opera character, notes as an aside that Andrew Baron is one of the worst speakers he has ever heard. After suffering through a TwiT panel discussion that Baron was part of, I wholeheartedly agree. Baron alternately insulted the other participants and promoted his wacky, Web 1.0 vision of a media empire a la Rupert Murdoch in a screechy, high-pitched voice which offered clear evidence about why he stays on the other side of the camera.

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Stowe said...

I am merely living mythically, not in a soap opera.