Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Maudie at PokerWorks

A new/old addition to the blogroll at your right, my buddy Maudie now has a column over at PokerWorks, joining Iggy as well as a few other bloggers whose names will be familar to those who follow the poker blogging community. Congrats, Maudie!

Good news is we should get more Maudie on a more regular basis. Bad news is that PW, in my experience so far with it at least, ain't the most Firefox-friendly site I've ever visited, possibly because of all the spinnin'/scrollin' ads, possibly because FF chokes on some of the CSS. But it seems to come with the turf. The look-and-feel surrounding Wil Wheaton's column over at CardSquad is just as bad from my perspective.

Linda Geenan, who seems to be the senior editor/main blogger of PW, has come up with the good idea of aggregating some of the best blogging commentary in one place. It should work, and should give some good writers both added recognition, and maybe even a couple of bucks.


DuggleBogey said...

Might work. Seems about 18 months late though...

maudie said...

(at last - at a computer the works!)

Heya, Fred - agree with you about the Firefox issues at PW. I'm already 'grousing' about it - heh.

Thanks for the nice sentiment. They're strong enough personalities in the mix that I think will be working hard to make PW a good place to talk poker.

Happy New Year!!