Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All Good Things

Wil Wheaton resisted the obvious title, but I can't.

Tonight marks the end of the "official" WWdN aka "The Wheaties" on PokerStars; a victim of PokerStars cutbacks and Wil's obvious waning interest in poker over the past several months. No criticism intended. People's interests change: if you're a regular reader of Wil's blog you'll find he has a steadily evolving - or revolving - group of interests, and he tends to focus on whatever he's being most successful at at the moment, be it acting, writing, voice-over work, gaming, poker, or whatever. I'm sure it didn't help that - as he mentions - he's also the victim of constant railbird harassment from the moment he signs on to PokerStars.

In any case, I hope the Wheaties in some form continues, maybe picked up by someone else, as ISS Spock did a couple of weeks back - or some other regular will set something up. The Wheaties turned into my home game for over 18 months. As opposed to the other blogger games, it had convenient time for us on the East Coast - at least those of us who like to get to bed before midnight on the weekday.

I'll have to check my records, but offhandedly, I believe I placed third four times in the Wheaties, one second (a memorable game against TroubleCat), and one first place. Altogether, I believe I was in the money 7 or 8 times. I may even be ahead in overall, but I'll miss the fun more than the money.

All things change. But as you get older, few things seem to change for the better.

Good run, Wil, and thanks for lending your name and presence to the game.

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BrainMc said...

Good news, ISS Spock is going to take over the duties and they are renaming it Monkeytourney or something or other, I don't remember. I realize it won't be the same without Wil. He adds a fun element and is a genuine pleasure to have at the table. He has the right combo of skills and humor that I think kept us interested in the Wheatie. Hopefully we can still keep a good crowd.