Thursday, June 21, 2007

On gather: "And today's theme is..."

TV! Specifically kid's shows and some of the more memorable theme music you - and I - were listening to on the tube while we were growing up. In honor of my new music video group - A Series of Tubes - which you're all invited to join, you lovely people you, each of these is linked to a Youtube video for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Let's begin - as always in no particular order - with our countdown of kid's show TV themes...

10. The Adventures of Superman

If you're around my age, there's only one Superman, and his name was George Reeves. And, if you're like me, you probably still get a jolt of recognition when you hear the harp glissando that opened The Adventures of Superman. And has there ever been a more succinct and better narrative summary about both a character and his show... "

"Yes, it's Superman, strange visitor from another
planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities
far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman! Who can change the course of mighty
rivers, bend steel in his bare hands; and who,
disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter
for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a
never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the
American way."

That was back in the days when you could say those final two lines with no sense of irony at all.

Full article is here.

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