Monday, August 22, 2005

Amazon getting into the publishing business

Amazon seems to be trying out new lines of business almost as much as Google. Rumors float through the aether that Amazon will soon be offering DVD rentals a la Netflix, and now comes Amazon Shorts, underwear for the literati.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Photo via "Six Inch Heel" which doesn't have anything to do with Amazon Shorts as far as I know. Anyway it says here,

Amazon Shorts are never-before-seen short works from a wide variety of well-known authors, available only on Try a new genre or a new author--there's something for everyone. Amazon Shorts are:
  • New short-form literature from top authors for only 49 cents
  • Delivered electronically; there are no printed editions
  • Yours forever after purchase; save or print and read at your convenience

John Scalzi has a detailed review of AS on his blog, including the scoop on how authors get paid. Interesting idea. Something to watch to see if it pans out. Submission guidelines are here. Note that Amazon is deliberately setting this up for established authors with a ready audience, not the vanity press folks. Think Neil Gaiman or Stephen King.

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