Monday, September 12, 2005

Nova Scotia

“So, why Nova Scotia?”
the question asked
by everyone we knew.

At the Seal Island Light Museum
the young guide, hair colored taffy and amber,
led us up three flights of replica building
to the original lantern,
telling us its story in a soft burr.

Both of us smiled when she said “aboot.

Peggy asked if anyone stays on the island
now, with its light gone.
“Only a few sheep,” she answered. “I worry that no one shears them.”
“The firemen do every Winter,” a voice floated up the stairs.

“Well, there you are.” She smiled, thinking.

“Did you know
they found a sheep
on one of the islands
hadn’t been
sheared in years?

“The wool weighed over 70 pounds!
Just imagine.
70 pounds!
How happy it must have been
with that weight gone.”

More on the Seal Island Light Museum. And a few more of Peggy's photos.


Anonymous said...

"Hair colored taffy and amber...spoke to us in a soft burr...

And Peggy's photo's--the bagpipe player, the girl with the
proof that there is beauty in ALL of us.

I repeat--Mr. Bukowski, go f---yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh-- and the boats! Just beautiful. Beautiful.