Thursday, September 08, 2005

The return of the game that wasn't there

...although this time it was Peggy and Fred who weren't there. Our rained out game was eventually played on Labor Day, and started just about the time we were leaving the Maine Turnpike to meander down Route 1.

Knowing we couldn't go, we passed up the opportunity to make a gazillion bucks on eBay and gave the tix to Peg's friend, co-worker, and even-more-rabid Sox fan, Jessika. And so fhb gets its first guest blogger, and I pass the microphone to Jess...

Andrew and I arrived at Fenway Park just before 11 to find the grounds crew preparing for the game. It was a beautiful day and we were filled with excitement, anxiously awaiting the start of our first game this year. At 12:05 Curt threw the first pitch and with no rain in sight we knew were finally on our way. Shortly there after, we were joined by Joe (now a brunette ?) and his Dad. He was just as cute as expected and warmed right up to us. By the 3rd inning, I was pitching him peanut shells to hit with his bottle of water. The game flew right by until the bottom of the 9th when the Sox began to rally, but it was over before we knew it and we were headed for the alley. With plenty of time to spare, we headed for the souvenir shop to purchase our first Sox game jerseys. As we headed out of the shop we saw a crowd over by D gate so we headed down to find the players leaving the park with their families. It was amazing to see the array of vehicles, from a stock red and white mini cooper (Nixon) to a brand new black Bentley (Renteria). All in all, even with the loss, it was a Wonderful day at Fenway Park! A little word of advice from Andrew: Do Not visit the souvenir shop after a few beers, you’ll end up leaving with only two shirts and $300 in the hole! ?

Thanks again for the tickets, we had a great time!!!

Photos courtesy of Jessika Copeland.

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