Friday, September 09, 2005

Sex Machines blog and book

About a year ago, I blogged about The Sex Machines – Photographs and Interviews from the New Mechanical Sexual Revolution” by photographer Timothy Archibald, a web site of photographs I found both fascinating and somehow weirdly touching...

a dildo mounted on what appears to be a converted weed whacker, posed in a driveway near a lawn mower… a couple comfortably entwined on the couch, settling in to an evening watching television, with a sex machine called “The Joyrider” in the foreground. Pets wandering into the shot of a sex machine as if the picture were being taken of the family car."
Tim and I exchanged emails after my review, and he mentioned at one point that he was looking for a print publisher. A year later, I'm happy to say that the book is due out in mid October. Tim also notes, "We are currently preparing for the exhibition 'Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews; which will open at The Museum of Sex in New York City on November 10th."

Tim has put up The Sex Machine Diaries blog here, where you can see some of his photos and read excerpts from the book (as well as pre-order it from Amazon). Not work-place-safe at all of course, but well worth looking at in privacy.
And then these machines, I’m not into them. I like the real thing: squeezing, hugging, cuddling, just holding each other. It was hard enough for me to get comfortable selling someone a dildo, but after a while it’s just like everything else. - Kristy Van Thiel of Spindoll Manufacturing and Sales


Anonymous said...

How comforting to see fhb making the world a better place, one blog log at a time. :-)!

Anonymous said...

yah, making the world richer in the realms of art and sex!

fhb said...

I may take that as my new slogan,

fhb making the world safe for sex and art.