Thursday, February 23, 2006

Performancing for Firefox

Thanks to a tip from a blogging buddy, I've started to use Performancing for Firefox, a nice little plug-in that splits the Firefox window and calls up a blog editor. What that means in English is that say I'm on a page that I want to blog about. In Firefox, that means I open up a separate tab or window, get into Blogger, and then bounce between the two to create my posting. This can get hairy if I'm linking to a lot of different places in the post.

With Perfomancing, I can stay on the page I'm blogging, move to other pages I want to reference, and create my post, all without having to log into the Blogger editor. Perfomancing doesn't always work perfectly with Blogger. I sometimes get failures when I try to post - something to do with Blogger's Atom RSS feed, apparently, formatting can sometimes go haywire, and I wish there was a spell checker. But it works well enough that I've started using Performancing regularly. If you blog and use Firefox, give it a try.

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Maudie said...

Performancing isn't perfect - but it's sure handy on the fly.