Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yay! Another Bewitched statue posting!

Partial article via the "Internets? We don't need no stinkin' internets" Salem News

UPDATE: Full article via the Henry Daily Herald from McDonough, GA

Samantha Stephens of ‘Bewitched’ — coming at you

By Alan Burke
The Salem News (Salem, MA)
SALEM, Mass.

When Peter Alachi produced a booklet showcasing the “Bewitched” statue at the corner of Essex and Washington streets, he needed something to make Samantha Stephens magical.

And the answer seemed to jump out at him — 3-D.

“A Pictorial Tale of the ‘Bewitched’ Statue of Salem, Massachusetts” is 44 pages long, with 3-D photos. When it is offered for sale this spring — 5,000 copies are being prepared — a pair of 3-D glasses will be included as part of the $11.95 purchase price.

Alachi, 47, of Salem, is a database administrator for Boston University. This is his first venture into pop culture. He admits that he loves actress Elizabeth Montgomery as witch Samantha.

“Of course I do have a lot of love for her,” he says. “She was the center of the show.”

His devotion to “Bewitched,” which ran originally from 1964 to 1972, goes back to his boyhood in Syria.

“We grew up with these shows,” Alachi said. “‘Bewitched’ was known worldwide. Even in Syria. ... It had wide appeal.”

Alachi includes 3-D photos of other statues — Roger Conant and Nathaniel Hawthorne — along with shots from the “Bewitched” cast’s visit to Salem in 1970. He also covers the controversy surrounding TV Land’s decision to put up the statue last June, over complaints that it trivialized the Witch Trials.

While including several loving images of bronzed Samantha, he notes that she is already showing green spots of age. Some of his 3-D images are more effective than others, but he advises anyone to view them in good light.

Alan Burke writes for The Salem (Mass.) News.

And the book can be (pre?)-ordered here.

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