Monday, February 27, 2006

Who? That's Right!

In an aside, Mark Evanier mentions the classic Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" routine, which, as Mark notes was always a little contrived (although I think Mark misses the march a bit on the "dubious premise" of ballplayer names; how about Dizzy, Yogi, and Shoeless Joe just to mention three off the top of my head). In any case, the comedy was more in the delivery than content, as much comedy is. Mark also notes,
The piece actually made more sense when the satire troupe called The Credibility Gap parodied it and had a rock promoter deciding that at his concert, he was going to put The Who on first.
I wondered whether that was the basis for another "Who is the band?" Yes!" version I had heard. A little googling, and I found The Credibility Gap's version here, unfortunately in RealMedia format. If you can listen to it, you'll hear that outside of the obvious similarities (after all, how much can you do with "Who? Yes!"), it's not the basis for the much funnier, much later Woodstock Slappy (aka "Who's On Stage?") version from The Animaniacs.

At one time there was an mp3 of Woodstock Slappy floating around the web, and it's much funnier listened to than read. A little googling on your part, and you can probably find it.

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