Monday, December 18, 2006

All we have left is the cape.

via email from my buddy, Jill...

[Jack (Jill's 3-year-old) just said he had to go to the bathroom] Well, I untied his trusty Superman costume (the one he has worn since Halloween) and he ran down the hall. I went looking for him, thinking he had gone down to the bathroom near the playroom. Then I hear, "Well, I washed it." I went to my bathroom, where I found naked Jack, a blowout diaper on the floor, and

"Where did you wash it, Jack?"
He smiles, points to the toilet, and says, "Right there."
"Did you FLUSH it?"
He smiles, points again, and says, "Right there.:"
Sigh. We may never know.There's no sign of a stopped up water on the floor, no problems when I test flush it now. But I have looked the house over and no Superman. I honestly think I might cry. :-)
All we have left is the cape.

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