Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fishhooks beat Presto

Between a bad run over the past several weeks - which was the usual combination of bad cards and bad play - and a bad cold, I had decided to lay off the WWdN for awhile. But cold finally reduced to cough and feeling like I could actually make it past 8:30 for the first time in about 10 days, I decided mid-day yesterday to fire up ol' Wilson's and see how my game was.

I have Wilson's Turbo Tournament set up to mimic a WWdN, although I wish I could program some of the avatars to bet the Hammer, and I've found that if I'm playing well in the computer game - even if I finish out of the money - I'll usually play well in that night's WWdN - even if I finish out of the money. If get bored or frustrated playing the computer, well, that usually means an early night in the WWdN for Mr. Rico.

Taking a couple week layoff from the tables seemed to have resparked my mojo, so still feeling pretty good at 8:30, I joined a field of 38. About 3 hours later, the ever-tough Budohorseman finally closed the door on me, and I finished in second yet again - I think now for the fourth time - pocketing $90-odd bucks to boot. It'd be nice to be a Bride more than once, but being a four-time Bridesmaid ain't bad, especially when you're being paid.

Ol' PokerStars seems to be constipated right now, and doesn't want to share the tourney stats, but it was the usual combination of pretty-good cards and, if I dare say, some pretty good play, that got me into the money. As you can see from the pic to your left, I also put the whack on the Luckbox when he played his pocket 5s, nicknamed "Presto" for somewhat arcane reasons, against my fish hooks, aka pair of Jacks. CJ finished in 8th, and ricoM got name bragging rights for next week's tournament for taking him out. Unfortunately, next Tuesday is also a client's annual holiday party, so ironically I probably won't be playing. In any case, I still have Wil to gun for, given that he stops blowing off his own tournament.

It was a New Hamster night. Budohorseman was born in Manchester. I live right down the road, and xkm who lives right down the road from me, was there sweating for me. The usual suspects were there, and it was the usual fun, enjoyable night.

More poker talk after the New Year.

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