Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fire, Walk with Me... at last

via The Boston Globe:

David Lynch was his charming, inscrutable self at the Brattle Theatre Sunday. In town for a screening of his new movie, "Inland Empire," the director took a few questions, but answered obliquely. Asked, for example, about the bunnies in his new film, the "Blue Velvet" director said, " They're not bunnies, they're rabbits." Lynch did manage to make a little news, announcing that the second season of his long-ago TV series "Twin Peaks" is coming out on DVD next spring. At that, the crowd erupted in applause.
The box set of the first season of "Twin Peaks" is sitting in my DVD cabinet, waiting...

Before there was a Heroes (which, I have to admit, I wished I liked more even though I watch each episode religiously every week), before there was a 24 (and boy ain't I going to be happy that we have the TiVo when January rolls around), before there was a Veronica Mars, before there was a Medium (which doesn't get the press of the others, and yes, I know, isn't really episodic, but still is one helluva show), there was "Twin Peaks." Sometimes self-indulgent, sometimes infuriating, there are still episodes I remember scene-by-scene to this day. The whole thing flew apart after the resolution of "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" but for awhile, "Twin Peaks" gave a hint of how good television could be. And I'm not sure any of the shows I cited above would have come to be without it coming first.

Lynch's new movie, Inland Empire, sounds suitably weird, and means I may have to take a trip to MA to catch, as I doubt that many of the New Hamster venues I haunt are going to be hosting a 3-hour movie shot in video that features "giant talking rabbits — which seem to be living in Ralph Kramden’s apartment."

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