Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are You Connected to Mountaintop Removal?

Mountaintop removal is a radical form of coal mining where entire mountains are literally blown up. This new web tool at allows you to see how your power company is connected to coal mined through mountaintop removal.

Zip code 03054: Merrimack, NH

You are connected to mountaintop removal. Your electricity provider, Public Service Co of NH, buys coal from companies engaged in mountaintop removal

The story of Kirk, West Virginia, is one of many that are connected to the power plants on your grid, which are marked on the map below.

The mountaintop removal mines shown in red are connected to the nearest coal power plant on your grid: Merrimack, operated by Public Service Co of NH.

Click on the mine symbols to get a closer look, or click here for a detailed explanation.

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