Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WGA Strike News

I still have the lil' " AMPTP walk out" banner at the top of the blog, but I'm hopeful I'll be taking it down soon. It some ways it's a false flag because, as you know if you've been following the news, the AMPTP and WGA negotiators have been in "informal" discussions since the past weekend, and rumors are rife that they're close to agreement on a new contract.

But rumors are just rumors, as Mark Evanier notes, and we'll have to wait and see. According to Mark, "The Writers Guild is convening an 'informational meeting' for Saturday evening at the Shrine Auditorium," which he opins is a message to the Evil Empite to the effect, "Hey, we're bringing the whole membership in...and on a Saturday evening, no less. It would be in your best interest for us to have a deal by then which we can enthusiastically recommend to the membership."

One can hope. I haven't felt the withdrawal pain as keenly as I had imagined, thanks to the intermittent but always welcome Medium, the start of new seasons of Torchwood and Dr. Who on BBC America, and the surprisingly good Sarah Connor Chronicles which is currently running on 24's Fox slot. I kind of miss 24, but last season was sooooo bad that giving it a year's rest might be the best thing for our long-term relationship. And I kind of miss Heroes, but not as much as I thought I would. Heroes seems to be like the nut dish of TV. You'll sample it until the bowl is empty when it's around, but you don't think about it when it's not there.

It's a good thing I'm not on the WGA negotiating team. I wouldn't come off strike until the AMPTP promised to put the full season of Day Break on DVD. I'm still pissed about that.

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