Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poetry Hour with Your Host, The Hulk

Even here -- even in peaceful forest -- they will not leave Hulk alone!
Wherever Hulk goes, enemies follow him -- try to hurt him!
Why? Hulk does not know! All Hulk does know is --
When enemies attack, Hulk fights back -- and smashes -- HUH?
Is not enemy -- is tree! Hulk is attacked by -- tree??
Wha --? Now other trees attack Hulk -- and rocks -- flying rocks!
Hulk is confused -- doesn't understand!
Hulk LIKED trees. Hulk LIKED rocks.
Hulk thought they were his friends -- Hulk's ONLY friends --
But if peaceful forest attacks Hulk, too -- then Hulk has no friends --
and Hulk will crush anything that gets in Hulk's way!
Do you hear Hulk, rocks?
Do you hear Hulk, trees?
Leave Hulk ALONE -- or Hulk will make you REGRET it! - Len Wein DEFENDERS issue, #12, February 1973.

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