Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Victoria & Albert's.

One of the best restaurants Peg and I ever ate in was in Disney World, a location not usually associated with haute cuisine. But if you like food, and money isn't an object (at least once. Think honeymoon, anniversary, other special occasions), think Victoria & Albert's, in the Grand Floridian.

Modeled after a Victorian dining room (all the waiters and waitresses are dressed as maids and butlers and all are known collectively as Victoria and Albert), the restaurant offers various choices, including a fixe prix menu, a Chef's Table, and what Peg and I enjoyed - although we both got slightly snockered - a wine pairing. If you have that one, be forewarned that the wine - a different selection during a six-course meal - is poured with a very generous hand by Albert.

Unbelievably, it's been over a decade since we ate there, since I'm pretty sure my father was still alive and he passed away in 1994, but the prices look like they've held. Here's a detailed review of Victoria & Albert's. If you don't want to go there after reading it, I don't want to go dining with you.

via The Disney Blog

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