Monday, July 18, 2005

Attack of the bluffing bots

Info gleaned from various places on last week's World Poker Robot Championships...

pokerprobot won $100,000 in the "Amateur Robot Poker Tournament" and in an exhibition match beat the the University of Alberta's Poki-X Bot.

The "PokerProbot" link will take you to the owner's - Hilton Givens, a 37-year-old car salesman from Indiana according to the L.A. Times - grammatically-challenged site, where a free download verson, "PokerProBot Statistics," is being offered to the first 50 people who sign up (it says here). PokerProBot currently only works with PartyPoker. I've downloaded the software, and am thinking about asking for a challenge match with a certain little dwarf who likes to flog PP.

Last Friday the Unabomber (Real name, Phil Laak. Poker players have more nicknames than superheroes) took on PokerProbot, and finally beat the bot after three hours and 300-odd hands. "It would for sure make money online," Laak said in an L.A. Times interview. At least in the simpler versions of Texas hold 'em with betting limits, "bots are better than the average person."

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