Friday, July 15, 2005

World Series of Poker final nine

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Aaron Kanter $10.7M
2. Tex Barch $9.33M
3. Andrew Black $8.14
4. Mike Matusow $7.41
5. Steve Dannenmann $5.46M
6. Joseph Hachem $5.42
7. Daniel Bergsdorf $5.27
8. Scott Lazar $3.37
9. Brad Kondracki $1.18

Above: Tiffany Williamson, (or possibly "Williamsen," I've seen variant spellings in reports) an American born attorney who works in London. Tiffany spent $10 on a rebuy in a freeroll at the Gutshot Club in Clerkenwell after losing her starting stack and eventually parlayed it into $400,000 and 15th place at the WSOP; the largest amount ever won by a woman in the final event. (Photo courtesy of Las Vegas and Poker Blog):

The Final Table of the 2005 WSOP will begin at 4pm Vegas time on Friday. Some highlights from yesterday, courtesy of the good doctor and the Las Vegas & Poker Blog...

Greg Raymer (last year's winner) was busted out in 25th place when his A9 didn't beat pocket 5s. Greg took home $304,680

Phil Ivey (my and many others favorite to win) went all in with J-J against Aaron Kantor's pocket Kings. The flop was K-4-8 with two diamonds. The turn was a diamond and Phil Ivey picked up a flush draw. He didn't catch a diamond and was eliminated in 20th place. Phil also walked away with $304,680

Tiffany Williamson (the only woman left in the tournament, and a fan favorite as a virtual unknown) moved all in with pocket 5s and Tex Barch called with J-8. Tex caught a Jack on the turn and took the lead. The river was no help for Tiffany and she finished in 15th place.
Williamson won the highest cash amount ever at the WSOP main event by a woman - $400K. You go girl!

Reading the Tao's live stream-of-consciousness WSOP poker report can be maddening, and I wish Pauly would have simply turned off his blog's comment feature rather than continually bitching about the Comment Clowns populating it. But sometimes it can be funny (and sometimes inadvertently hilarious), and its the best WSOP poker report around. However, if you prefer coherency to immediacy, I recommend the Las Vegas & poker blog.

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