Monday, July 18, 2005

The hammer falls

I didn't play in the the WPBT 'Charlie' Tournament last night, a charity tournament in honor of a poker player blogger friend, Charlie Tuttle, but was pleased to read that over 140 people did, including Wil Wheaton.

It was the night of the Hammer, according to Maudie's report (Maudie came in 5th, by the way. Congrats, but how come you've disabled permalinks?). To see the absolute, bestest hammer hand ever, go here (courtesy of Al).


Maudie said...

I'm going cold turkey on comments. 8^) They may come back at a future date.

Ignatious said...

maudie and i have decided we are your biggest fans. :)

Maudie said...

Yup - what he said!