Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bob is not a "CEO" kind of guy

ah, yes, that would be a given. A pretty bizarro blog diary here by Lee Abrams of XM, detailing his odyssey of getting Mr. D to radio and which, if nothing else, demonstrates that anyone can be reduced to fanboy burbling when it comes to Dylan. Highlights culled from the to-date three-part series...

Getting through was not easy. The label was pretty useless. Of course the label usually owns the plastic...the managers own the Bob's case it was appearing that Bob owns Bob...Most major artists have a back door. Bob was pretty isolated, but that is why he's Bob Dylan...

Then I heard that Bob owned something like 12 XM Radios and he loved it.

... XM's pal Willie Nelson was touring with Bob last year. Hmmmm...Willie is coming in to do an ARTIST CONFIDENTIAL, maybe he can bring Bob too. Willie alone is magic---with Bob, it could be well...historic. When I asked Willie he said "I've been on the road with Bob for a month...haven't seen him yet....have you?"...

He [Jeff Rosen, Dylan's business manager] met Hugh Panero our CEO and Jeff said "You know Bob is not a "CEO" kind of guy"---

Jeff had verified that Bob loves XM and listens to our Hanks Place and Bluesville channels religiously.

Every Monday at Noon we have a meeting/conference call with Bob’s team. Bob’s not in on the call…I don’t think Bob does Conference calls.

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