Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In the Weekly Wheaties Tournament...

... I placed 16th, out of a smallish field of 65, when my pocket 9s were cracked by 23skidoo's Big Slick after he paired Kings at the flop. Not that it mattered, except to add insult to my injury, but he also paired his Ace at the river. 23skidoo (nice moniker, that), would eventually go on to win the tournament, and has a pretty comprehensive recounting of his hand history at the link above.

Many of the usual suspects were at the tables, including ricoM's archenemy dsheep (who went out quickly in 65th place, obviously fearing another encounter with me); his bro denials (who was live blogging the tournament, and has a more lively report than 23's at the preceding link); the alliterative WWonka from Worcester; my fellow New Hamsterite xkm1245, who bubbled out of the money at 10th; and the two lovers, Boobie (who finished, as usual, in the money) and Sox. Our Host looked for quite awhile as if he was going to make a run for the final table, but eventually went out in 22nd place.

I was pretty happy with my play overall - with the exception of an early hand where I failed to connect to the fact that pocket Queens in my hand plus a pair of 4s at the flop, plus another Queen at the river added up to the nutz full house for Little Rico.

Sitting there, convinced that my sole opponent SWhoBA had a flush, which indeed she did, I checked at the river, since I was also convinced I only had a set of Queens. I could have extracted more - possibly all her - money from SWhoBA. It's lapses in concentration like that that lose tournaments... not just hands. But, I shook it off, and, if nothing else, it woke me up and forced me to focus on my game.

A good home game, as always, and fun to see regulars at the table.

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