Friday, April 21, 2006

Dwarf Kiss Bands at War

Photo courtesy of Iggy. Copy courtesy of The Independent

The face-glitter and mini-fists are flying between two musicians vying for ownership of a concept most of us would never have imagined to be viable in the first place, let alone something you would pay money to enjoy - the dwarf Kiss tribute band. In one corner stands Joey Fatale, the 4ft 4in founder of and front man of MiniKiss. His is an all-dwarf group that has found a niche in America's entertainment scene for covering the songs of Kiss, the glam-rock band famous as much for its outrageous face-paints and costumes as for its high-decibel anthems.

His foe is a former member of MiniKiss, the even-more diminutive Tim Loomis. Mr Loomis, who is a mere 4ft tall, recently walked out on MiniKiss. But then he committed the sin of forming a rival Kiss tribute band. He did at least tweak the formula a tad. Called Tiny Kiss, his group features three dwarfs plus one very large woman. (She weighs 350 pounds.)

America, it soon became clear, is big enough for only one dwarf Kiss tribute band.

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