Friday, April 14, 2006

Do You Know What It Means To Miss Disne-?

Even though a mayoral candidate, the real New Orleans might be a little too funky for Kimberly Williamson Butler. The Flash banner graphic for her web site (the superimposed clip in the lower right), which may well be gone by the time you read this, looks ah, surprisingly New Orleans Square-like, as in Disneyland, as can be seen in the larger photo.

A clearer version of the comparison between the two photos is here. via This Justin and The Wonkette.

UPDATE: Ms. Butler is apparently not unknown to controversy, according to this article in

In comments leading up to the surprise announcement, Butler said she had "grown" over her past week in seclusion, and that her mercurial political career makes her uniquely qualified to relate to common folk, including those who have been fired and accused of breaking the law.

"When I got kicked out of City Hall, when I got fired, people told me, you know Ms. Butler, I can relate to that," said the former top official in Mayor Ray Nagin's administration. "Now, all of a sudden, I've had to stand in court, and I can identify with people that had to stand in court. All of a sudden, I can identify with people who have been falsely accused. I can identify with people who have made mistakes and had to stand before judges."

via The Disney Blog

UPDATE 2: It just keeps on getting better.

UPDATE 3: And better.

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