Monday, May 08, 2006

Dining with the enemy

fhb has become something of the Ultimate Frisbee blog destination of choice thanks to Matt's tireless game and Roberta's even more tireless reportage. I'm getting hits from around the country - most from colleges - and probably confounding the visitors who arrive as they're confronted with a melange of Dylan, poetry, poker and what-all, and try to find some UPA content.

Well, here's some: Muffin, you remember Muffin, provides on exhaustive report on the Central Regionals that the Hodags would, no pun intended, ultimately win.

We showered up and decided to go to “The Mill” which apparently has really good pasta type food. With many of our parents with us, several who came as a surprise, we had a large group of 34 people. As we order our drinks and find our seats, guess who wanders in the door? Carleton?!? Oh… hey guys. They sit on the other side of the open room with a small stage in between us. Two examples for how much we loathe Carleton: 1) Rodrigo and Dan are in the bathroom and in walks Ben Hahn from Carleton. They immediately recognize each other and don’t say a word. No smile, no sign of friendliness, it was an uneasy silence. 2) There is some joking around because how on earth did the Hodags and CUT get into the same dinner room?? So Ted Tripoli stands up, walks around the booths to the other side. As Tripoli moves the room murmurs, and everybody was watching, thinking Ted was going to strut over and talk to those guys. However, he turns sharply and grabs the blinds and loudly pulls it over, taking CUT out of view and saying, “I don’t even want to look at those guys.” Carleton laughed and even bought us 3 pitchers of beer which was pretty amusing.

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