Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Hodags are going to Nationals!!

Go up the coast for a few days, and what do you get? Blogging backlog, that's what. But we're back now, and we got hair on our knuckles, veins in our teeth, and lots of posts to make up for.

Here's the first, from our sports correspondent and second-time guest blogger, Roberta...

(Pictured to left: The Hodags' namesake at bay in a picture taken in the early 1930s)

Our own Ultimatt called a little while ago to share the news the Wisconsin Hodags beat the Carleton CUT 15-12 and will be representing the Central Region in the National Championship tournament Memorial Day Weekend in Columbus.

Wisconsin may have been slightly favored, but the horrible weather conditions (rain and 30 mph winds) evened things out. It bolstered immeasurably the boys in baby blue that the sidelines were full of alumnae to cheer them on.

This was the first time since 1997 the Hodags have beaten CUT. Everyone agrees something is wrong with the system that allows only one slot for central region at Nationals - we're just happy it's our team is the one going.

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