Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Achtung Hippie!

I first heard of Burning Man through some writer - I think I remember which one, but since I'm not positive, I'll leave him anonymous and avoid the potential litigation - who hauled his young child along on a reporting trip to"one of the hottest nastiest driest places on the planet." The resulting article would have been strong evidence in a child abuse case, in my opinion. Burning Man has never high on my things to do, and in this hilarious article, Patrick Mulroy details why it probably won't be on your hit parade either.

If being forced to view hundreds of hairy ass cracks as you gag down breakfast sounds fun, Burning Man is for you.

If you want to live in a trailer park with 40,000 people where insane drinking, drugging, public nudity and lawlessness are the norm, Burning Man is for you.

If you want catty advice on how to dress from a crowd of Rocky Horror Picture Show rejects, Burning Man is for you.

If you are white and prefer to party with whites only, Burning Man is for you.

If you love the Devil and the events he supports, Burning Man is for you.

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