Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And in this week's Wheaties...

... Mr. Rico again played the "Survival" game and finished #20 in an, ah, larger field than in the past several weeks of 69 players. I'm not quite sure why I tend to place higher the more people there are in any given WWdN, but I do. Maybe it's got something to do with my style of play.

Not much to comment on in last night's game as, again, it was mostly either fold, fold, fold, or taking a small pot, usually pre-flop. I had pocket As three times last night, and wasn't able to maximize the pot in any of the three hands. A 3 x BB the 1st time while in mid... and everyone folds. A minimum raise while in mid-position the 2nd time around... and everyone folds. A limp while UTG on #3, and I get one caller, who calls on my flop bet with an obvious flush draw on the board which hits on the Turn, and I fold in the face of his all-in.

And so it went. Most of my game was spent at one table with little chatter except for some chit-chat about the WSOP, which apparently was playing on several TVs last night, and some back-and-forth about another game that several players were evidently involved in.

If there's anything less interesting than playing at a table where people are talking about the action at another table, I don't know what it is.

Anyway, I'd eventually get moved and get whacked by EasyCure who had called my big pre-flop raise with a J9o. You'd say that was a loose call, but you'd be wrong, as Easy easily had me covered with his $11k stack against my $2,300 or so, and luck walked in the door for him. J9 something on the flop, and me with a short stack, pot-committed and holding A9, I go all-in. His two pair hold up, and that's it for me.

EasyCure would finish in 6th place, the game would be won by weak_player who had been running rampant through the night, and I was pleased to find my buddy and fellow New Hamsterite, xkm1245 finishing in the money too, last night.

Until next week

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