Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ricoM showed [Ah As] and lost with a pair of Aces

ricoM: raises 600 to 800
Wil Wheaton: folds
Maudie: raises 848 to 1648 and is all-in
heffmike: folds
VTepes: folds
ricoM: calls 680 and is all-in
*** FLOP *** [6d 4d 2c]
Up4Poker [observer] said, "6"
R-Gee said, "oy"
*** TURN *** [6d 4d 2c] [9h]
ricoM said, "Jesus"
*** RIVER *** [6d 4d 2c 9h] [3d]
yestbay1 [observer] said, "Maudie does it again!"
*** SHOW DOWN ***
ricoM: shows [Ah As] (a pair of Aces)
Maudie: shows [6h 6s] (three of a kind, Sixes)
Wil Wheaton said, "oi"
hacker59 is connected
Ursus Aureus is connected
Maudie collected 3260 from pot
Maudie said, "3 times tonight"
R-Gee said, "its like she's been touched"

ricoM finished in 27th place (eliminated at hand #6265823527).

Even when you're by yourself, pixels and phosphors in place of people, chat box instead of chatter, poker is a social game. It's funny, I've had games where I've played well and taken it all and, when the final table closed, had a "ehhh" feeling about the whole thing. Satisfied that I won, but feeling like a grind, not really enjoying the play or people. Then there are the real bad games: I've had games where the trash talk has gotten on my nerves so badly that I've gone into silent mode , even games where avatars have made me irrationally irritated. Sometimes I've won those, sometimes I've lost. Either way, I feel like washing my hands with strong detergent afterwards.

And then there are the good ones. The fun games. The social ones. A couple weeks back was a good one, a WWdN that I would have paid the $11 just for one hand... going all-in after Iggy made a mega-raise, waiting him out as he went into the tank, and then laughing out loud as he typed into the chat box, "Eff you, podcast boy" and folded.

Such moments are priceless, as the commercial says.

And last night was one of the good ones, too. I've played in enough WWdNs aka "The Wheaties" on PokerStars that now I expect to "know" and usually have played against one or two people at any table I'm at. Last evening's WWdN tables included my buddy, BrainMc, who I think thinks I'm a better poker player than I think I am, the (evil) ISS Spock, AAjoshmanAA, who I believe took me out the night he won the Wheaties, and a host of others. Notable among that host was MsJoanne, whose play I've noted and admired before last night. I've watched MsJoanne at several previous WWdN tables - seldom having the opportunity to tangle with her those nights - but noting she had a tough, aggressive style, forcing other players to fight for every hand they were in with her. She tends to either build up a large chip stack early, or go out early... sometimes both in the same tournament.

Last night we did tangle, and tangle repeatedly during the 1st Hour. Like Wil, whose play is quite similar to hers, MsJoanne bets hard initially and bets harder at any sign of opponent weakness. I decided early on when we repeatedly became the only two players fighting for a pot that the only way I was going to survive her was to match her aggressiveness. Passivity was just going to prolong an eventual loss. Happily, I had the hands to play, although there was more than one where I was on the edge of my seat praying for her to fold while she took her time in the tank deciding how to play.

MsJoanne would eventually semi-cripple me with a pair of 10s vs my pair of Kings. A 10 would hit at the River, giving her a set and busting out my pre-flop dominating pair. A sign of things to come.

Shortly after, with a greatly reduced stack, I'd get moved and find myself sandwiched between my buddy, the Okie Pokester, and Our Host Himself. Maudie and I have played in many WWdNs at the same time. A few times we've been at the same table... but the usual scenario is one of us shows up and the other busts out a few hands later. I don't remember all that many hands played against Maudie. The other scenario - which tends to happen a lot in games where the players know what they're up to, like the WWdN - is that one or the other of us would make a big pre-flop raise, and everyone else would wisely fold. So, I've watched her action, she probably has mine, too, I have a feel for her play, but I haven't really ah, engaged, with Maudie a whole lot.

Last night both of us were on the semi-short stacks with blinds moving up. At 100/200 Blinds, Maudie had $1648 in chips, and I had $1480. Given that the table chip leader had over $9500 at the time, neither of us were in particularly good shape and needed to double up soon. To rehash the play: I get AAs, which is about all you can ask when on the short stack, and raise to $800 in the hopes of getting a caller/re-raiser. And, that, that, Okie obliges. I go "Oh my," when I see Maudie's slim 6s are like super-dominated by the testosterone-infused Mr. Rico, and am already composing a suitable "gg" farewell to her.

Of course the flop drops a 6. My one-word reaction - which was not a call to Mr. Ferguson - is shown above. And that's all she wrote.

Except that I had a wonderful time, and if I have to lose to someone, let it be to a friend so I get to tell the story.

Until next week.


Maudie said...

That was a passle full of fun. I should have been out way early - but somehow the luck landed in my box, er... last night... nearly made it to the final table donking all the way!

I'm stealing that graphic 8-), btw.

R-Gee said...

Heh. I'm glad I didn't say anything really bad in the chat!