Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In the midnight hour

Podcast boy is taking off soon to Podcast Expo, so last night's Wheaties isn't going to get the attention it deserves. But, in brief...

Placement: Mr. Rico placed 2nd in last night's field of 64, lending further weight to my superstition that I place higher the more players are in any given WWdN. This is my second WWDN 2nd.

Notable players: Lots, including my buddy, Lydia the non-tattooed lady who got her short stack into the final table and 8th place and probably would have placed even higher if she hadn't been recovering from whatever the hell she was doing at that Boathouse; Dugglebogey, who between the cards and his play probably should have been 2nd last night - if not 1st - rather than me. And of course, the Kenosha Kid, Budohorseman, who neither Duggs nor yours truly could ah, unhorse and who deservedly won.

Lots of other friends and acquaintances last night, too. Apple-polly-woggies for giving you short shrift, but it was as always, a pleasure.

Notable hand: I'm holding $8,000 in chips, and am actually short-stacked at my table, as well as hovering in the money (9th place up paid) bubble. 200/400 blinds $25 ante.

I get dealt 4s 4d, limp in with two folds ahead of me. SB calls. BB checks. Flop is 5d 7d 8d giving me, let's see, a possible straight, a possible flush, and oh my, a possible straight flush. Everybody checks to Mr. Rico, who checks too. Turn is 4c, now giving me a set of 4s, as well as those other three draws. SB checks. BB bets $2000. I raise another $2k.

SB now goes all-in with a $15k raise, giving me pause and I figure him for either the straight, or more likely, the nutz flush. BB calls and now I know he's got one or the other too, and with that much money in the pot and all those outs, plus less likely things like Quads and full houses and with only $3k left in my stack, I naturally call too.

SB flips the nutz flush, natch and BB flips the straight, double-natch, and Mr. Rico's three 4s ain't looking all too good... until the River, where the beautiful 6 od Diamonds falls, giving me the straight Flush and about $25k in one hand.

As Dugglebogey would say, "Fred goes from bubble to leader with one river stars card," and that card would be enough to take me to the final table and eventually to 2nd, although I still had to fight and wait my way there.

As I said, a short hiatus as I go to confer, converse, and otherwise hob-nob with my brother wizards.

Until next week.

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Maudie said...

It was a pleasure sitting the final table with you sir.

What was I doing at the Boathouse?? Perhaps a last grasp at something that's getting farther and farther from my reach... heh.

Have a good trip!