Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Everything was going so well until I was hit by that truck

In last night's Wheaties, that truck was the always-tough HighOnPokr, who submitted the proposition that pairing a board-high 10 backed by a pocket Ace doesn't necessarily mean Rico's winning the hand... certainly not when your opponent is holding a pair of Aces. And I was out in 14th. HighonPokr would finish in 3rd of a very small field of 41 where only five places paid out.

Some mantras to hum to oneself in future games....

  1. An opponent who continues to bet, (or calls your big bet) when you've paired the board and are holding an Ace kicker is very likely to have you beat.

  2. Going all-in when you have your opponent covered is a powerful weapon. Going all-in when your opponent has you covered is seldom a good idea unless all signs point to your winning.
My biggest leak continues to be aggressiveness with problematic hands, especially when I'm the relative short stack at the table. But, on the other hand, finishing 14th out of 41 is a helluva lot better than finishing 47th out of 48th.

Outside of playing relatively better - albeit still out of the money, which is the only measurement that counts in tournament games - I had the pleasure of being one slice of bread in a Maudie sandwich for most of the game last night, the lil' dwarf being the other. That conjures pictures beyond the pale, I know, but what the hell. It was fun, and I owe Maudie and Iggy the story of my Dad's adventures as a seaplane charter pilot in Miama during the `30s at some point... but only if BONUS CODE: IGGY on FullTilt becomes a Dreamtime sponsor.

Until next week.


Maudie said...

It would seem the poker gods are exacting their punishment for my hubris of last week, thinking I was on my way to beating the 5.10 game and scooping a big pot in that NL game I joined in error. I've taken a bad beating in the last coupla days. Pun intended.

Can't think of 2 better guys I'd want to make a poker sandwich with 8-) wish I coulda hung around longer.

Ignatious said...

i'm down! send me a rate sheet asap!