Thursday, October 12, 2006

PokerStars says business as usual

PokerStars speaks via the Iggster: - Our business continues as before

Dear PokerStars Player -

As you are probably aware, the United States Congress recently enacted the Safe Port Act which contains provisions relating to Internet gambling.

PokerStars has received extensive expert advice from within and outside the U.S. which concluded that these provisions do not alter the U.S. legal situation with respect to online poker. Furthermore it is important to emphasize that the Act does not in any way prohibit you from playing online poker.

Therefore, our business continues as before - open to players worldwide including the US. You may play on our site as you did prior to the Act.

PokerStars believes that poker is a game of skill enjoyed by millions of players and we remain committed to providing you a safe and fun environment in which to play. We value your loyalty to PokerStars, and look forward to continuing to serve you with the best online poker experience, as we have for the past five years, six billion hands, and 40 million tournaments.

PokerStars Management
Well, that's all well and good PS, and it's one less thing for me to worry about. Now if my bank and ISP would say that, I'd be reassured. Actually, I'm not all that worried about my bank. I have a feeling that as far as they're concerned, a transfer to Neteller falls under compliance... it's not the bank's responsibility to monitor where the money goes from there. But, I can easly envision a scenario where pressure is brought on Adelphia - soon to be Comcast - to block my access to online poker sites. And that does worry me.

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