Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Katie Melua enters record books - world's deepest underwater concert

via Peggy, who has been feeding the blog of late. We're both big fans of Katie Melua:

via the BBC News

Singer Katie Melua has entered the record books by playing the world's deepest underwater concert.

Melua and her band performed for workers 303 metres below sea level on the Statoil Troll A gas rig in the North Sea.

"This was definitely the most surreal gig I have ever done," Melua said.

The 22-year-old singer underwent extensive medical tests and survival training in Norway before flying by helicopter to the rig.

"It took nine minutes to go from the main part of the gas platform down to the bottom of the shaft in a lift," said Melua.

"Giving a concert to the workers there was something really extraordinary and an occasion that I will remember all my life."

Deep sea set-list

The songs Melua performed included Closest Thing To Crazy and Nine Million Bicycles.

Guinness World Records has confirmed the gig sets a new record.

The concert was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of gas production on Troll A and was filmed for Norwegian TV channel NRK.

Melua is currently the UK's biggest-selling female artist.

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